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Being authentic can have so many different definitions, and to each person.... their definition of self is the true meaning of authenticity.

I am going to start with the definition as found on "Worthy of acceptance or belief as conforming to or based on fact" -"not false or imitation: REAL, ACTUAL"

Ponder that for a moment, worthy of acceptance. How does this relate to oneself? When a person is authentic, that person is acting and speaking in a way that genuinely shows how they feel. To be truly authentic and live your "truth", if you will, change based on who is surrounding the situation doesn't happen. Grab a piece of paper, because we are about to go a little deep.

Who are you, who do you see in your core?

Strip away your merits, job title, etc. Focus on you, who do YOU bring to each day? List both the good, and the bad. To be in tune with yourself, you need to know your shadow side as well as your bright side.

Now, lets look at what you are good at, and what you enjoy?

You can list these, how does this relate to your self esteem?

Where do you feel most confident?


Why do you feel confident, and what do you feel when you feel confident?

Can you put a color or a shape to it? A particular Photo?

What are your personal beliefs?

What do you value?, for example: Authenticity, balance, peace, justice, belonging, connection, contribution, hope, humor, love, recognition, tradition, etc. ? (NOT SURE? take to google and check out what "Value words" brings up)

How do these value words relate to your life? How do you honor your authenticity through these words?

How do you seek personal growth?

Counseling, coaching (check out for a list of Gestalt coaches in your area!), lessons, research, etc?

Its time to put all these ideas together, to help grow into the best authentic self possible. Be fully present in your own body, knowing the weaknesses and strengths, values, and what you can see your own future as. Trust in yourself, the truth lies within. Gestalt sees oneself as whole, and having the answers within. Fear not to speak the tongue of your own truth, do not sugar coat or change the response based on who is asking the questions. Honor the beating heart in your chest by honoring the authentic side of your being.

Each day I wake up and faced with a series of choices throughout my day. Authenticity is a collection of those choices, and how I decide to show up and be real is my authentic self. It is always a choice, the choice to let ourselves truly be seen. When you show up authentically, you are creating a space to do the same for others. Just as the sun rises, you rise.... you can ask yourself "will I wake up and be a sun, a light, and my authentic self?" or "its a great day to be a couch, anyone and everyone can come and sit on me, take the weight of the world off their feet and never let me shine.". The choice seems pretty simple in this case, doesn't it? GET YOUR FEET ON THE GROUND AND SHINE WITH ALL YOU HAVE! When someone tries to blow you out, just take their oxygen and burn brighter. This is the POWER we are all afforded, and can choose to have. Authenticity is power.


I have power, I can be authentic... I am being authentic. I am worthy of acceptance and truth.

How does authenticity show up for your riding? Are you easily swayed for the latest and greatest? Are you at a cross roads and asking yourself if you are on the right path? Look within. Ask questions, and answer yourself authentically.

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