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HHF summer camp sign up
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Join Hobby Horse Farms for our 2021 Summer Riding Camp program. We will be offering 4 different weeks geared towards different levels of young equestrians. We will have Beginner camps geared towards getting those young horse enthusiasts introduced in a safe and fun program to horses. Our Horseman’s camp is for those who have completed a camp previously or have taken lessons on horses before and are familiar with grooming, tacking and the basics of riding. We will take a more in depth view on horsemanship and riding. Our advanced camp is for those with experience walk, Trot and canter, as well as small jumps. This camp is our Show camp, teaching riders how to navigate a show course, groom and turn horses out for a show, as well as learning the basics behind course design for our Jumpers. Visit our website for more info and to sign up for our camp, very limited space available!

Weeks Available

  1. May 24-28: Beginner Riding Camp

  2. June 14-19: Beginner Riding Camp

  3. June 28- July 2: Intermediate Riding Camp

  4. July 19-23: Advanced Riding Camp

  5. August 9-13: Beginner Riding Camp

What time does camp run?

  1. 9am-1pm

  2. We will be available for drop off at 8:50 and riders must be picked up by 1:10 each day.

What does the Schedule Look like for the riders?

  1. 9-9:30- Arrival and organization

  2. 9:30-10- Groom, organize, tack

  3. 10:00-10:15- Mounted and ride

  4. 10:15-11:15- Lesson

  5. 11:15-11:45- Untack and put horses away

  6. 11:45-12:15- LUNCH

  7. 12:15-1- Activity

  8. 1- Pick UP

Different Weeks:

  1. Week 1

  2. Beginner week,

  3. A fun horse camp experience for the new horse enthusiast. Designed to learn safety and fun around horses, while learning to ride, tack and be around horses.

  4. Week 2

  5. Beginner week

  6. ! fun horse camp experience for the new horse enthusiast. Designed to learn safety and fun around horses, while learning to ride, tack and be around horses.

  7. Week 3

  8. Horseman's Camp

  9. A more advanced camp for the young enthusiast, Focusing less on basic horsemanship and more on furthering the knowledge and understanding of how to be a responsible equestrian. Expect some work in this camp: Riders will be responsible for the horses Individual care including but not limited to: Cleaning tack, Cleaning brushes, stall up-keep, feeding, stable organization, trailer maintenance etc.

  10. Week 4

  11. Advanced Horsemanship camp-

  12. Riders must qualify for this with a short video of riding experience.

  13. This will be an intensive, equestrian experience including more serious riding lessons including jumping over fences, equine professional demonstrations, learning how to set a show course and how to walk and design, getting ready for “shows” and a Moc show on Friday. Riders may use school horses provided by Hobby Horse Farms or provide their own.

  14. Parents are welcome to attend the Moc show at 11:30 am

What is the Price of camp?

  1. $500 for the week ( Advanced camp is $550)

  2. A $20 discount will be available for families with multiple kids or weeks.

How many kids will be in the camp?

  1. Max 5-6 Kids

  2. Ages: 7-16 years old

What should we pack?

a. Sack Lunch, Sunscreen, Boots or closed toe shoes, Water bottle, mask.

What kind of COVID precautions are you taking?

a. Participants will need a mask for the week, we will encourage social distancing and while outside, masks will not be enforced on horseback. Staff will wear masks while in close proximity to riders, while teaching, staff is distanced over 15' at most times, so masks will not be worn while teaching for clarity. Hand Sanitizer and Bleach spray is available at all times to participants, and tack will be disinfected at the end of each day.

How do I Sign Up?

a. Please Email to sign your rider up!

HHF summer camp sign up
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