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Clinic: Dani Sussman 12/20/2020

Meet Dani Sussman:

Hobby Horse Farms is excited to announce Dani Sussman, of Aspire Eventing, coming to our facility on December 20, 2020. Dani specializes in working with green, unbroken horses and those with challenging issues. She is also a fierce competitor bringing finesse, determination and knowledge to her riding and coaching. Her philosophy is that safety is primary and building a solid foundation of the basics is crucial to the horses future success. Dani’s impressive patience and dedication have taken her to international three-day eventing competitions, and her hard work has achieved impressive finishes. 

Dani believes strongly in the concept of team work, whether the team consists of the horse and its rider, the instructor and the student, or the barn as a whole. Believing that success can be achieved through dedication and hard work, Dani encourages these traits in her students as well. Join Hobby Horse Farms in hosting Dani Sussman for a clinic December 20; We will have private dressage spaces, intro (2’-2’3”), Beginner Novice (2’7”), Novice (2’11”), and Training (3’3”) And prelim (3’7”). we will be riding inside in our recently renovated indoor arena footing.

In 2003, Dani began working for and competing with Amy Tryon, two-time Olympian, in Duvall, Washington. She travelled extensively with Amy both as her groom and also as a fellow Eventing competitor.

Dani is an industry professional, training and teaching all levels of horses and riders for over 15 years. She started her professional career in Northern California with Aspire Eventing. She then moved to Washington State, where she taught at Mapleleaf Eventing and was the head trainer at Elite Dressage Sales, a German warmblood import and sales barn. In addition, she trained ponies at Thumbs Up Farm and Red Gate Farm for hunter/jumper competitions.

Dani is a joy to host and a wealth of information to learn from. We are overjoyed to have her at our farm this December!

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