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Hunter Jumper Schooling Series

Thanks for your interest in our Hunter Jumper Schooling Shows.

Frequently Asked Questions:

  1. Is pile of poles walk/trot or walk/trot/canter?

-As per CHJA, pile of poles is Walk/Trot

2. Is the Cross Rails division walk/trot/ canter?

-Yes, cross rails and higher are all w/t/c classes. 3. Is the barn asile open to the public and horses? - NO. The main barn Asile is closed for boarders only, or for restroom use only. 4. Do you have to be a CHJA member to show?

- No, you don’t have to be an active member of any association to show at the schooling show. 5. Are over night or day stalls available?

- Yes! On a first come first serve reservation basis. Contact Kaite to reserve a stall. These are $30 per day, shavings not provided. 720-298-0908 or

6. Are there actual show jumps and real show courses?

- Absolutely, our Schooling Shows are designed to allow for Schooling over show courses in a show environment.

7. How do i submit Pre-registration?

- Pre entries can be submitted to Kaite via email

Prizelist can be found here 👇

8. What health info is required?

- We require a current Negative Coggins certificate (within the last year), proof of recent vaccinations (vet or log of self administered and dates), a COVID release form, your entry form and a release signed. All can be pre emailed for ease of morning check in, or presented to show staff morning of. 9. Where do I park?

- We offer trailer parking in our main lots, and open up our turn out for additional CAR parking. 10. Will you have food?

- We work with Local Food Trucks you provide food during the shows, look for them in the north parking lot

11. How do I know what class the show is on?

- We do our best to keep our Facebook “Stories” updated with what class we’re on, if you’re uncertain, check there first. Jumpers will not begin before 2. You’re also welcome to text 720-298-0908, but we may not see the text in a timely fashion.

12. COVID-19 precautions?

- All Non-mounted people must wear masks at all times, maintain 6’ social distancing, hand sanitizer is available in many locations. Please leave the Cheering section at home, and do not congregate in small areas. We have plenty of spectator space, but will be limiting spectators. COVID-19 release forms must be signed at check in/ registration. SELF MONITOR, if you have a temperature over 99.5, do not come, or exhibiting any other COVID-19 symptoms. A food truck will be available, but water is not provided in coolers.


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